Wild And Wonderful West Virginia

Blackwater River Canyon, West Virginia

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I love the mood of this image in B&W. The wisps of fog really elevate this scene . I also like the processing as presented. No suggestions.

This is beautiful, Michael. My kind of image too. Great mood created by the fog and I like the somewhat high key processing, not too heavy on the contrast. No suggestions here, just quite enjoying this one.

The B&W treatment does some really nice things for the wisps of fog. And I think your composition is very well thought out, it is nicely balanced. My only suggestion would be darken and add some contrast in the LLC. I know there is some fog there, but I think some burning would help.

Michael- I love the image in B/W - it plays really well with the whispy clouds running up the valleys; really nice capture! My only suggestion would be some selective darkening across the image to try to gain a little more contrast - right now I think it is just a little too monochrome on the light side. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful work Michael. I love the way the fog/clouds lead my eye through the valley. Also like the high key nature - it’s striking. The right lower corner has more contrast than the others which feels just slightly out of balance with the other corners. You could selectively either highlight or darken to bring it in balance, but I’m picking nits. This is awesome.

I remember this day as we were treated to some lovely fog as we looked down toward Blackwater Canyon. The processing looks great as you have a nice range of tones and textures throughout this scene. Of course the wispy patches of fog kick this image up another notch as does the layering with the ridgelines. Great job on this!

Excellent composition… ‘Simplicity is Art’ they say, you prove it here. BW looks works really well, brings out this fog that hovers over the forest, and immerses us in this scenery. Nicely done Michael! :clap: