Blue-fronted Dancer

While strolling along the Potomac river yesterday, there were lots of these damselflies flying. They like to perch on or near the ground, so getting a clean look was a challenge as was finding one who didn’t mind having a camera, tripod and human sitting about a foot away. This is a 15 shot stack to get the entire damsel sharp, which is easier that trying to adjust the camera and tripod to get parallel to the subject and much less like to spook it. (R5, 180mm macro, 1/160 s, f/8, iso 400, tripod)


Mark, I’m so glad you found this little guy who wasn’t afraid of you and the equipment. What a beauty. I love the blues. And his surroundings make the blues stand out nicely. I’m hoping if Canon ever gets the new Canon R7 shipped I will get a chance at trying in-camera focus stacking. I will probably need to go back and watch your webinar.

Hi Mark, really nice focus stacking - the details are superb. A beautiful specimen too. It’s beauty contrasts well with the stark surroundings. I could see taking out the green patch in the background. Nice image.

Gorgeous, with awesome detail in those tiny wings!