Blue jay

For many birds I prefer this over the shoulder look

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Exposure time: 1/2000 s
F number: 4.0
Exposure program: Manual
ISO speed rating: 1250

Processed with Luminar & Topaz DeNoise

Agree about the pose; you’ve captured the colorful aspects of the jay nicely. My personal preference would be to clone out the stuff in the left upper part of the photo.

It is a very good look at the Blue Jay. Nice pose. I also like how you have been able to frame the bird with the branches. I am not sure if you do remove things but I would selectively remove some of the branches to give bird a bit more room.
It would also be nice to see a larger version of the image. Nice supporting bg color.

Welcome, Eddie. I really like the detail in the Jay and the technical details look excellent at the preview size. For some reason the larger image didn’t come through. I like the way the branches frame the bird, but I think I would try to do something about the out of focus clutter in the upper left. Thanks for posting and I look forward to seeing a lot more of your work.

Thanks. Not sure why the larger image didn’t some thought.

I often don’t have satisfying results with cloning, or erasing for that matter, so I try to do as litle as possible. I guess it’s a skill/technique I need to work on