Blue Marsh Ghost

Critique Style Requested: Initial Reaction

Please share your immediate response to the image before reading the photographer’s intent (obscured text below) or other comments. The photographer seeks a genuinely unbiased first impression.

Questions to guide your feedback

When I go into the marshes for sunset I can not resist trying to capture the wildlife when the light is almost gone (end of blue hour), even though I know the shutter is too slow. But sometimes I like these blurred images.
The question do these images have any merit?

This is a little surreal, Steve. Kinda twilight zone. :grin:

Fun image. The larger view is really intriguing.



This is awesome! So cool and somewhat unique in capturing and presenting wildlife in their environment… I especially love the blue /blue-grays of the heron and contrasting with the brown and green tones of the background.

The only suggestion I have is a further crop from the left. Not too far of course - good wildlife photography leaves room in front of the subject… right? :slight_smile: But still, there’s a lot of empty space on the left. The capture of the heron in motion like this is just very cool!


Nice work Steve. The blue of the heron stands out nicely against the background. I get a sense of flight from the heron.

Do images this late in the day have merit, you ask. I would have to go with a very big YES! One of the things I learned early in photography was to get the good photos you go early or you stay late. The light might not be very much, but it’s enough to make something cool like this. And to get something slightly different from the animals at that time of day. Keep exploring it for sure.

Is this what you had in mind?