Blue veins

In a small mine near Djupdalsvallen in Härjedalen, during a “Photography Inspiration Week” held by the excellent nature photographer Mats Ricklund (a master in finding small scenes, so now you know from whom I have got my inspiration!), we took a lot images on colorful deposits. It is an old copper mine (closed during the second half of the nineteenth century), so maybe someone could tell me the deposit content.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any technical or compositional comments are welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
I have used focus stacking, one image with focus on the rocks and one with focus on the drop, trying to merge them in the post-processing (Luminar 4).
Rock: Macro 120 mm equiv., ISO 200, f/18, 60 sec
Drop: Macro 120 mm equiv., ISO 1600, f/6.2, 1/3

I don’t know what the deposit is, but it certainly has a beautiful color. Looks like turquoise, though I never heard of that being created artificially. As for the image, I like the deposit and the rock it’s lying on, but the bottom of the photograph doesn’t seem to add anything. I’d be tempted to go even smaller and get rid of that area. except for enough for the drop.

Ola, copper shows up in a variety of blue/green/turquoise colors depending on its oxidation state and what other minerals it’s combined with, so this is most likely some variety of copper. The thin layer of water adds some intriguing distortions that are also fascinating because they follow the copper and don’t cover the uncolored sections. The hanging drop is a fine extra.

Fascinating combination of colors and shapes. I am with Dennis on the bottom and I would even take it above the drop and make the image all about the rich colors and shapes, a pano look.

This is a wonderful evocative image. Loved the fact that I had to really study it to determine what it is. Wonderful colors. Great work.

Hi Ola and Happy Holidays. A really striking image you have here and aptly titled. Other words that come to mind are surreal and alien. I do like your placement of the largest “vein” in the composition and the part that appears to be flowing down adds interest. Agree with others about the lower area.

A very nice abstract, Ola! Love the colors, shapes and textures. I know what others are saying about the water drop but I would hate to lose it because it’s unique. I wonder what it would look like if you darkened the oof background rock at the bottom even more to make the drop stand out even more.