Bluff Sandstone

After a lovely pre-dawn shoot of some water-filled potholes reflecting the nice colored-clouds sky near Bluff UT, we were walking back to the cars when a few of us got fascinated by the colors and shapes at our feet, which were catching the low post-dawn light in a nice way. It’s always an interesting challenge to pull something that feels coherent out of these sorts of fairly complex and chaotic “walls” of interesting textures, colors, and lines (in this case, a “wall on the ground”). I’m curious to hear whether you feel I succeeded with this view. As usual, any and all comment/feedback is more than welcome.

Nikon D850, 32mm, 1/5 sec @ f/11 ISO 64


Very interesting composition, really like it! The light and colours are simply amazing.
I would try to dodge and burn this image a bit to create more depth and contrast between all the patterns, colours and shaded areas.

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Jim, the glancing light is working very well here at setting off the colors and the shapes. The circular cracks add a good sense of movement and I’m really enjoying being able to see the small pebbles and sand in the big crack. This is nicely seen and presented.

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