Boat Tailed Grackle

Taken in central Arizona near water. 400mm on FF, 1/2000 f8
These birds are always in groups, loud and successful…they enjoy the create a distraction while their buddies sneak around routine. I like the composition and body position of the bird and was able to maintain detail in the blacks. Luck per usual the defining ingredient.

Excellent detail and color on the black plumage. Cool pose. If it were mine, I would clone away the 45 degree angled twig in front of the beak.

Yes, a nice pose. Detail looks great. I like the background. Agree with David’s thought on cloning and might consider some more as well , leaving the main branch and the nice background.

A lovely composition and I really like the background, Steven. The pose works very well with the lines of the branches. Excellent work.