Bounty Bay SC Black Trees

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


One of my clients turned me on to this location. I have made two trips here.
The place has an apocalyptic atmosphere.

Specific Feedback

I love the scene but have not been able to capture what I am looking for.
Looking for a strong emotional impact.
Any ideas?

Technical Details

No data on recovered SD card

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Go back when there is more dramatic lighting. The subject matter can become very evocative if the light is right.

I like this image very much. It reminds me of a recent post of a lone tree in the snowfield as I recall. Maybe use the same approach. Just the tree with a horizon line and a gradient sky? But this works real well as well. The wet footprints on the sand is an issue though. There are many directions you could go with this tree. Close up portrait. Small on a panorama of space.

This is a fantastic subject. I agree with Youssef; go back when the light is better. If the sun were lower, you could get a long shadow of the tree on the ground. Or get down low with some of the driftwood in the foreground. The possibilities are tremendous with this subject. Get back out there. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Hi Steve,
First off I have a question for you. Is this Botany Bay? I ask because I have never heard of Bounty Bay, SC.

My suggestion would be to go back at sunrise when the light would be more dramatic. I would also check the tide charts and try to time the sunrise and high tide together. I was there several years ago at sunrise and was able to capture some nice images of the trees. Good luck with your next visit.

Thanks, everyone.
Ed Yes, it is Botany Bay Heritage Preserve, Edisto Island, SC.

Thanks again

“The place has an apocalyptic atmosphere.” – Yes! That describes this scene perfectly. Compositionally this is wonderful with the placement of the tree in relation to those two bits of wood on the beach and the puddle of water. I also like that there is a hint of the tree’s reflection there. I’m not crazy about the light so yeah, if you could I would definitely revisit the scene because this has so much potential.