Breaking free

Adirondack Park NY.

Canon 80D, 1/2 s, f/14, ISO 200, EF 24-105mm f/4 @ 67 mm, CPL.
Raw file processed in LRClassicCC. TK resize/sharpening for web.

Seeking any and all advice and comments. Thanks in advance.

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Ronald, I hadn’t seen your photography before, so before I commented on this image I went to your website and looked through some of your galleries to gain some context. You’ve got some amazing images show you have a great eye for detail, patterns, textures and story telling in photography with a very natural and realistic feel. I was very impressed!

That being said for me this particular photograph just doesn’t have the same impact as some of your other work. I’m just not feeling as strong of a story or mood from it. I’m curious if this photograph or moment has particular meaning for you? I’d like to hear more about why it moves you.

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I like the contrast between the light color of the park and the dark green of the background and the contrast in the textures. The composition is not really grabbing me. I am not totally sure why. It might be that the tree is centered or that the tree is cut off abruptly at the top. With out seeing the whole scene I don’t really have a suggestion on a different composition.

Ronald, my comment would be that the trunk is too much in the center and takes up too little of the frame. Perhaps I would bring the NW corner inwards, keeping the aspect ratio but making the trunk “fatter” and moving it closer to the left edge. I would do this to the point were you just lose the small branch. The colors are contrast are spot-on in my view.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I tried to convey with the title what caught my attention for this scene. I re-cropped as suggested and agree the result looks better balanced.