Brush Strokes

This reminds me of a painting, with big, broad brush strokes of water in a creek, with dappled light across the water.
This is the bark of a palm tree. The patterns somewhat repeat, and caught my eye. I was intending to photograph birds (no luck), and saw this while just enjoying the scenery!

Specific Feedback Requested

If I had been more aware while shooting, I would have tried to compose so that the bright white patches weren’t along the bottom and bottom-left edges (white attracting the eye out of the frame, etc.). I applied a bit of vignette to help keep the eye in the frame. I also dialed down the highlights a little, but didn’t want the white to become too muddy or gray. What do you think?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
500mm, 1/400 second, f/9, ISO 1100

This does look like brush strokes, Mark. Is this from a palm tree? Very interesting pattern and textures. I agree about the lights being a little to bright, but sounds like you’ve already dodged some, maybe next time the light will be a little more accommodating. Nicely seen.

Mark, there’s a strong sense of motion here with all the ups, downs, and hairy bits. I would suggest toning down the brightest parts a bit more (there are 4 that really catch my eyes), but agree that you don’t what them looking grey.

Very interesting capture Mark. It really does look like brush strokes. I agree with the others that the bright spots are just a little bit hot and could be toned down but not sure you actually need detail in them since they mimic a white brush stroke. The patterns are nicely spaced and very even. I have never thought of shooting a palm tree but they are all over the place so something that looks like fun to do. Headed to the front of the house now. :joy:. Thanks for the inspiration Mark.

Fascinating! I had to look and look again to try to figure it out. Nice tonal contrast. Wonderful patterns and textures.

@linda_mellor , @Mark_Seaver, @Chris_Baird , thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad you enjoyed this. @David_Haynes , I hope you find some interesting palm trees!