Description: I was walking round my neighborhood in Brooklyn with my macro lens on. It was a very windy day so I knew it would be a challenge for any insect shots. Bumblebees were all over these flowers (anyone know what they are?) in a neighbor’s yard, but I had to wait for a lull in the wind and for the flower stems in front to be out of the way. Out of 100+ shots, this was the only keeper.

Specific Feedback Requested: Is the vertical crop too long? I wanted to include more of the flower stems. Does it work? Any other feedback also appreciated.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 7D w/100 macro. 1/800 sec @ f4.0, ISO 800. Hand held

Is this a composite? No


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Marc, this is a fine look at a Bumble Bee on a windy day, especially handheld. As for the composition, it looks narrow and long to me. I wouldn’t want to loose any of the top or the bottom though, so wondering if you cropped some off the right, that maybe you could add back on?

Also, on my screen, it looks like it could use a boost in contrast/saturation or maybe even both, especially on the bee. See what others say.

You really captured some very nice details in the bee and a portion of the flowers, and I love how some are nicely out of focus.

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Wonderful photo Marc, especially considering the windy conditions. The love the soft colors and detail in the bee. If it were mine, I would crop a bit, but off the bottom giving the image slightly more square feel. But this is totally a subjective decision for you. Very nicely seen and captured.

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Marc, the unsaturated colors/low contrast create a peaceful feeling of an overcast day. In terms of your crop, this one works, but one with more off the bottom would also work. One thing to keep in mind as you crop (and shoot) is how you might want to show the image. Choosing a size the fills the format is always better than one that leaves “blank” areas.

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Hi Marc,

Crop some from the bottom will strengthen your composition. Soft colors in the BG go well with the contrast in the bumblebee. Well done…Jim

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Lovely image, well conceived. I like the diagonal composition and the soft pinkish oof background and the bluish oof flowers in the foreground. These give a moody feeling. I agree with others on cropping a little on the bottom and bringing out some contrast on the bumblebee. Another thing that can improve the image would be to remove the stem and the flowers on the left upper corner. That would bring complete attention to the main subject.

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