CA Towhee

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Here’s an early March shot I got of a CA Towhee that might cause you to take a double take on it because of the play of shadows across its tail making it look kinda “barred”. D500, Nikon 200-500 lens, tripod, 1/1000th, f 5.6, 500mm, ISO 220, AI Clear, cropped to 2156 x 1626

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A bit of a steep angle on this one, Dave, but I love the snow on the branch tips. Nice job on the exposure and the depth of field seems about perfect.

You’re right. I did do a double take. I like the composition; the snow is a nice addition. As Dennis said, it is a bit of a steep angle; too bad the bird wasn’t looking down, showing more of the eye. The colors and detail came out well.

The steep angle is unfortunate, but I do like your composition and the snowy branch tips!