Call Me Gaudy if You Will

…but I know what the ladies like!

I think I’ll make this my last Wood Duck post from Friday’s excursion, but I couldn’t resist this one with the light just right to bring out the full iridescence of the facial patterns. I was following this guy as he moved across the pond hoping he’d keep at the same angle to the light and come into the clear. He almost did (just a tad of cloning required).

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Sony A7Riv, FE200-600 + 1.4 TC, @ 840 mm, hand held lying on the viewing platform and shooting between rails, f/10, 1/1250, iso 1250, manual exposure. Processed in LR & PS CC. Minor cloning of lily pads in the upper left and lower right, cropped to 4648x3307. Taken at 9:37 am on March 12th.


You may have saved the best for last. You really have the colors along with excellent detail and a nice reflection and the water is attractive as well. Great job.

I agree with Allen. This is an amazing photo! The colors of the duck and the water are so beautiful and the reflection is perfect! I also love the water coming from the bill. Perfect capture. One question though, did it not look good with the lily pads? Did they take away from the duck?

Excellent image quality here with well composed frame. The water texture is perfect.

@Vanessa_Hill This time of year, they’re left over from last year and they can be pretty decrepit looking. Also, with the crop I wanted, there was just part of them in the frame, so I elected to eliminate them. Just a matter of artistic judgement. I don’t pretend that I’m doing documentary photography.

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That makes sense. I think I was picturing them as I’ve seen them before, but that was in the summer when they are in full bloom!

What a beautiful bird and shot of it, Dennis. That reflected dribble caught my eye at once - icing on the cake. And I love the curve of iridescence under its eye.

A dandy photo. You also got a really nice pose as the duck swims by slightly angled toward you. Really well done.