Camellias are in full bloom in Korea. I also like the firm, wax-like leaves of this bush, and tried to capture them here.

Specific Feedback Requested

This was taken in bright sunlight, but I tried to avoid blown reds and pale petal edges. I’m not sure I succeeded.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500 + 105mm macro f4.5 1/640 ISO320

I stacked 12 shots in Zerene (including an extra stack of the PMax and DMap outputs).

In PS I lowered Brightness and Highlights a little, and also desaturated to show petal details.

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You have conveyed the waxen aspect really well. It almost looks plastic. The reds are still bright, but I can’t tell if they’re pushed too far without downloading it. I like the edges of light on the different leaves and petals. Do they smell as nice as they look? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one since I don’t think they grow anywhere I’ve lived. Maybe in an arboretum.

Mike, you succeeded so nicely with this one. Well done. I was just in the Japanese Garden here in Portland and the Camellias are in full bloom there too. Nice to see spring coming.

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No smell, Kris. They love acidity - and are named after Georg Joseph Kamel, a Czech botanist who described them in the Phillipines.

Nice composition, the light is handled very well, and the contrasting colors make the image more dynamic. I like everything about this. No suggestions.