Canary Springs 11/21

The hot water runoff from Canary Springs dropped dramatically between mid-October and this view in early November. The result is more cool colors and a lack of mist. Unless the runoff returns, this view will be colorless a year from now. (5D3, 100-400 @ 200, 1/500 s, f/16, iso 400, tripod)


Really interesting layers, Mark. I like the rectangular-ness (!) of the rock formations. Almost like crystals with those distinct horizontal shelves.
I don’t follow your comment about possibly no colors in a year? Are the rocks exposed due to lack of water, so they will get bleached by the sun and elements?

A truly colorful scene here, Mark. Interesting to see the dramatic bright FG light and than the much darker sky and overall darker landmass in the BG. The two contrasts works nicely here. The vertical image works best no doubt which emphasis the dramatic “stepping” views from the BG mountains to the FG steps. Excellent!.. :sunglasses:

Wonderful colours and textures. I am not convinced, however, that the sky and mountain portion of the image enhances it. It does give it context but my feeling is that this particular image is much stronger without that context - more abstract and mysterious. I scroll cropped the sky and mountains out (either including the very top layer or from the next layer down) and, to my eye, it more compelling and powerful.

Cool! I’m with Kerry on the sky. To me, this would make a really compelling abstract without the sky.

Are the colors from algae which will die without the water?

Fabulous image. I’ll be the contrarian and say I prefer the image with the sky and the context it provides.

Cool colors and comp. My eye starts at the bottom and climbs to the top, and maybe because I am a photographer, it locks onto the OOF mountains and just stays there. Everything else is so sharp, it is a strong disconnect to my eye. I would be inclined to crop down to just below the top brown layer at the top of the cascade. The rest of the image works for me quite well.

The large version is a real treat as it showcases all the subtle shades of color and the wonderful textures. This is superb as is, but I find myself enjoying it even more as an abstract by cropping off the BG mountain and sky. For me that places all of the attention on the springs themselves. Just my opinion of course.

I am enjoying the abstract qualities of the image and agree with the others that the sky and mountains don’t add anything other than context.