Two views of Canary spring

Here are two views of the runoff from Canary spring at Mammoth Hot Springs with slightly different zoom settings (135 and 176 mm).

5D3, 100-400 IS II, 1/500s, f/16, iso 800, tripod and polarizer

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Mark, both of these are really wonderfully presented in the bright sunshine. I prefer the tighter 176mm version because it shows the detail in the sulphur/rock a little better. Hard to choose as both have their strong points.
Nicely done!

Really great use of the bright light for this subject. It really shows off the luminance and the tonalities. I prefer the tighter composition as I feel the weight works better and there is more of a 3D effect against the dark clouds in the background.

Both turned out really well and I don’t have a preference. They are just different. The strong contrast works really well here and the stormy skies are great. I like both.

I also like the tighter image because of the same reason that Alan mentioned above, Mark. I do think that you’ve got a really nice light though!! It really accentuates all that texture in the runoff.

While I like both, I prefer the first one. The sky and background are much more interesting.

Yes - good use of mid-day light. I, too, prefer the tighter crop, as it’s all about the springs. This would be good for the current weekly challenge - breaking the “don’t shoot in the middle of the day” rule!

@Bonnie_Lampley, I break the “mid-day” rule constantly, so that’s not a change for me…:rofl: (The old Kodak, over the shoulder method makes for some very saturated colors if you can keep the shadows from blocking up.) This was actually about 4:30, which because of the steep slope creates some nice shadows and shows off the texture. Also because of the slope and adjacent mountains this area goes into full shadow between 5 and 5:30.

I like them both, Mark. If I had to choose, I’d take the tighter shot. Love the texture and tonal variety. I think you should explore a mono version…just for fun.

Mark: After seeing your and David’s images from the Mammoth area I’m really regretting missing that on our trip. I like both of these, especially the light on the land and the sky. Well seen and superbly captured. >=))>

I’ll vote for the tight one as well. I also like that the sky doesn’t pull the eye away from the runoff as much in that one.