Can't eat just one!

It’ s not in the same league as Allen Sparks’s recent squirrel photo, but his reminded me that I’d taken some shots from my deck into the yard when a few of these guys were stuffing themselves on Ironwood seeds. Boy to they love them. While not shoveling them in, they were bickering and chasing for the best branches. This one stayed here until it was cleaned out!

Specific Feedback Requested

Really don’t know how I could have shot this one differently. Rodents do what rodents do and you just have to wait and be ready for them. Ideas welcome.

Technical Details

Handheld, might have been braced on the deck railing, but I forget


Lr for a bit of a crop and some general work to smooth tonalities. Topaz DeNoise & then Ps to remove a distracting branch.


Fun photo, Kris. Yes, squirrels are a riot to watch.

Fun!! You get what they give you!! They are certainly cuter than our nuisance ground squirrels.

Hi Kris, love the hanging vertical pose this squirrel gave you and the feeding behavior. Image quality looks good. Nice capture!

Just too cute, Kris! They can sure get into some positions, especially for food. Wonderful details in his fir. Nice lighting as well. They can be quite entertaining.

Entertaining sometimes, irritating most of the time! Nice job of catching his hangtime.

Thanks @linda_mellor, @Diane_Miller, @Allen_Sparks, @Shirley_Freeman & @terryb - they are entertaining, that’s for sure. And they make good practice subjects for wildlife photography. I couldn’t pass this up. Plus with my deck on the 2nd floor, I was right in line with how high this one was.


Very interesting frame, I’m sure squirrel had a better POV :wink:

Thanks @JRajput, yeah, that little one was hungry! And thanks for the EP.

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