Can't think of a clever title for this one

I’m quite happy to receive any cc on this shot. It has been deliberately cropped wide for effect. I only had the one lens with me else would have shot it as a pano with the longer lens.

Am tempted to crop the small lake out in the lower left but also dont want to compromise the sweeping lines from the that side of the frame.

Single frame (handheld - It was freezing cold and I was being hurried off the mountain)
35mm | f/9 | 1/80s | ISO100 | wide crop

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Hey Eugene. The pano orientation is perfect for this image. I definitely wouldn’t crop out the lake. The shadow (front/right) plus the contrast between it and the snow create a lot of visual mass. If you were to crop out the lake, I think the photograph would become right-heavy, losing its balance and sweep. I might consider adding a bit of midtone contrast to the mid ground just to add a tad more texture and detail.

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Eugene, I like this image a lot. For a grand landscape shot at golden hour, it actually has a pretty calm and gentle feeling, probably due to the lower contrast processing you used. I especially like the brown and green in the mountains, that is an interesting color palette. These earth tones also help create a calm mood for me. The wide cropping is very effective, and I would definitely not crop that little lake in the LLC away. But if your personal ethics allow it, I would clone it away.

Is that the distant ocean in the ULC?

Hi Kerry, Thanks for the feeback. Yes, that was my thought pattern too regarding the the small lake in not wanting to damage the sweep and keep the balance. I’ve give it an dose of burning just to mute it a bit more. I’m happy with that compromise.

Thanks for the shout about mid tone contrast. I’ll have a play and see what I can do.

Ed, Thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile: Yeah I guess it does have a pretty gentle feel for a late evening shot. It was quite a strange quiet evening, very cold but quite still and quite calm. Very strange for a winters day round here. The RAW file is incredibly flat and have actually added quite a lot of contrast :rofl:, but just enough to be in keeping with the day. I do like @Kerry_Gordon’s suggesting of a bit more in the midtones.

Yeah the lake, that’s another consideration in cloning it out. I do clone stuff out but usually not things like that. Just try to keep it real. I’ve actually burned it down a bit and seems to work. I am still thinking of the clone tool for this one though.

And yes, that is the sea in the ULC. We are lucky that we have mountains and coast right next to each other round here.

The white works quite well with in this scene that is fairly low light. Personally I would prefer that the white snow line not exit right in the left corner. I would crop some off the bottom:

@Kerry_Gordon @Ed_McGuirk I have made a few contrast tweaks and think this work a bit better. It’s only subtle but definately has an effect. I’ve uploaded them side by side for comparison.

@Igor_Doncov thanks for your feedback on the leading line from the left. Ive just tried it with both and am unsure. I think with the small lake there it may work but still think it throws the empahsis to the righ too much. If i cloned the lake out, it wouldn’t work, in my opinion

Well, it’s up to you of course, but that thin sliver of white stretching on the bottom left looks off somehow. The other option would have been to add more white on the bottom.

Marvelous photo. I like Igor’s crop off the bottom. I went even further and cropped some of the right, and burned in just a bit the bright spot in the center of the sky.