Castle in the Clouds

It snowed in Tucson. This was one of the first things I saw on New Year’s day. It snowed again a couple days later. So that’s twice this winter, which means winter should probably be over for this year. Sure hope so. It’s only been in the 50s for over week and I’m getting tired of the cold weather.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

I augmented the warm colors in the rocks here. Was trying to get better contrast with the blue clouds and a sense of warmer light. Not sure if I got it quite right. It wasn’t exactly sunrise anymore, but it wasn’t midday either.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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This is looking good to me Tony. The exposed rock seems like a castle floating in the sky … nice effect created by the low clouds (fog).

I wish we got some snow here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thanks for the feedback, Anil. I changed the title.

I like this a lot, Tony. Great light and great mood. The clouds are excellent and light on the rocks looks natural and very good. As I recall from a trip or two, you are not too fond of cold weather! :slight_smile:

This is superb, Tony. Dramatic and wonderful mix of warm and cool colors. The light on the rocks look believable and overall processing looks spot on to me.

Tony, now its my turn to recommend a correction in the title of this image. This is a wonderful example of the rare “Arcenubibus” cloud formation, if you are going to change the title, at least get it right :wink:

Really sweet image Tony. The warm colors in the rocks look good to me, very natural looking for morning light a bit after sunrise. I really like the subtle cool tones in the clouds and sky, just the right level of coolness to play off the red rock. I also like how you included the lower part of of the mountain to break the clouds up a bit. Lots to appreciate in this image, nice work.

What a beautiful image, Tony. I love everything about it. Snow in Tucson, huh? Isn’t that rare? I have only visited there once, and it was summertime HOT!

Tony, this is a fabulous photo. My only nit is, contrary to Ed’s post, I’d be interested in seeing what it looks like with just a little bit less blue in the clouds. Obviously a subjective change, to an otherwise perfect photo.

Gorgeous Tony! I think your rendition (color, processing) of the clouds is perfect, spot on. Not much else to say and certainly nothing to criticize. Love this,


A marvelous Sierra Club Calendar type of image. I would enhance the sunlight on the lower cliffs to create a counterpoint for the upper area. I think it might make a difference but it’s great the way it is.

Tony: You may not like the cold weather but you have to love the conditions that gave you this opportunity. Wonderful capture of a unique and beautiful moment.>=))>

The warm and cool tones are wonderful in this image. Even if they’re augmented a bit I don’t think they’re unnatural and give the photo a clear message. Great job!

Nice image, made even better by knowing where it was taken. Nice combo of warm/cool tones and soft/hard textures.
Cold??? 50s???
We finally got above zero, and it feels warm. And I am not even in Fairbanks. It is around -40 deg F up there. Now THAT is cold.:grinning: