Cherry Hill Meandering Creek

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


It was a beautiful fall day for a hike through the Cherry Hill Preserve when I came across this small meandering creek that was cutting its own path through the wooded hillside. I loved the contrast of the water against the bare trees and colorful fallen leaves.

Specific Feedback

I originally shot the image in landscape to show more of the creek flow but I think it looks better in portrait to show more depth as the stream cuts into the hillside. Any thoughts on this would be useful.

Technical Details

Screen shot of the metadata is attached. Processing was done in LR Classic to enhance the contrast, shadows, and to switch from landscape to portrait orientation.

I’m new to NPN and this is my first comment on a photo. For me the portrait orientation works very well. I have a long-standing interest in forest photos and the numerous small trees ephasizing the ‘verticality’, increasing in density from bottom to top, is a nice effect. For me it draws my eye up the hill, from the lower right cornder to the upper left corner, as the stream is cutting across down the hill from right to left. The blue of the water against the colors of the leaves is beautiful and I personally like that the saturation is realistic. I’m also drawn to forest trails and I like the effect of the trail going diagnonally up the hill from left to right. I really don’t have a criticism, except for maybe the dark stick in the foreground. I guess that would be a traditional thing to critique, but I personally like ‘real’ forest-scapes, so if it was intentional to leave it, that’s fine. Anyway, to me this is a very appealing shot. That’s why I was inspired to comment on it. Thanks!

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Terrance, this does a fine job of capturing the “Eastern Forest” that I walk in regularly (including the fallen bits). Your choice of portrait orientation does a good job of emphasizing the trees, while the mix of path and stream work well at adding to the sense of depth.

@John_Carroll It’s great to see someone new to NPN commenting. Keep it up.

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Thanks for the comments John. I did leave that fallen tree in the foreground intentionally. I considered taking it out but since it ran somewhat parallel to the stream I found it to be a nice border. The portrait orientation for me really popped when I saw how much the vertical aspect of the trees jumped out - it was kind of lost when I ran it landscape.

Welcome to the network.

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Thanks for the comments Mark.