Clash of Titans

Mangerstadh Stacks, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

To be honest I don’t really do a lot of black and white shots. This one is very much an exception to the rule as I had black and white in mind as soon as I laid eyes on this very dramatic Isle of Lewis seascape. It was a bright afternoon with puffy white clouds in a blue sky. The wind was blowing hard and a reasonable swell was causing the sea to swirl around the rock stacks but the drama just wasn’t there in colour, it just looked like a nice day to be beside the sea. It seemed to me that black and white would change it completely and the look I craved would be there in spades if I used the textures of hard and soft, jagged and curvy and threw in dappled light too.

Pentax 67II, 55-100 zoom, 0.3ND Reverse Grad, 3 stop ND filter, f/22 at 12 Seconds, Fuji Velvia 50 converted to mono in Channels.

Great job with the choice of B&W. I like the luminence of the cliffs and seastacks and the ss is great also.

Ian, what a gorgeous B&W. I agree with what @Michael_Lowe has said. Going B&W on this is a great choice and I think you have processed it really well. It reminds me of the Big Sur coastline here in California. If there is anything, I would like a bit more at the bottom, just a bit.

Stunning B&W Ian. I love the silvery tones and brilliant light.