Cleaning up

Small wildlife, this time…
This young coypu just came out of the water and is very busy cleaning up.

All feedback is welcome.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Pentax K5, Sigma APO EX DG 100-300mm @300mm, with 1.4x converter. ISO1600, f5.6, 1/250s, handheld. Cropped at the left side.

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This Coypu (haven’t heard this before) appears to be very occupied with the cleaning business.
Techs are good with some nice details in the subject !
You may experiment with rectangular framing sans the reflection, which in my opinion is not really adding up to the frame. as the face is hidden in the reflection.

Hi Hans,

The exposure and focus are spot on. Reflection may not be essential to the composition. Otherwise, a good look at this coypu…Jim

@JRajput, @Jim_Zablotny: Thanks for your comments!

Nice shot, Han! I thought it was a Beaver when I saw the thumbnail but knew it was something different when I saw the image. I’ve never even heard of a Coypu. Nice detail in this shot and I’m with the others in thinking that a rectangular composition without the reflection might put more emphasis on the animal in this.

Thank you for your comment, @Gary_Minish. The coypu originates from South America, I think, and is an invasive species in Europe. As always, introduced by man. The dutch name is “beverrat”, literally meaning “beaver rat”. Its habit of burrowing watersides now causes conflicts with the species that once introduced the animal…