Young nutrias

These two young fellows played hide and seek between the leaves, but I managed to get a few unobstructed shots. I like the green framework of the leaves, but I am not sure about the crop. Tried to take out a bit of the bottom, but decided that I prefer this one.

All comments welcome.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Pentax K5, Sigma APO DG 4/100-300mm @280mm, f6.3 1/400sec ISO1600.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I like the frame around these guys especially since it shows the food they eat. The branch over their ears contrasts with their dark ears and helps to see them. The right one is aware of you and gives you a good view of its eye whereas the one on the left is focused on eating. I like the frame but feel you should try a different crop. At first I was drawn to the bright leaves on the left side. I would crop the left side to the point where there is only 1 stem and the top down to the top of leaf above their heads. This will still give you the frame but focus the viewers’ attention on your nutrias.

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Thank you Chris, this is a good suggestion. I tried it and as you say, your crop focusses the viewers’ attention on the nutrias.
In the posted image I had already lowered the saturation of the leaves a bit, because the strong green took away the attention of the eye. But your crop is definitely a better idea.

Nice shot, I like the natural frame that draws the attention to the nutrias, although the tighter crop that Chris is suggesting, would definitely also be my choice.
Grt, Ingrid.

Han, this is quite awesome even though I will try to darken the leaves somewhat too in addition to desaturating it. I also think Chris’s crop suggestion would work very effectively, too! (BTW, welcome @chris6!!)

PS. Pardon my ignorance but for some reasons I feel that this is somewhat different than the beaver that I am used to. Is that right?

Thank you for your response, @Adhika_Lie, and sorry for my late reaction. I was away from home and the internet for a few days.
You are right, nutrias (or coypus) are no beavers, they are smaller and the tail is not flat, but cylindrical. They don’t build dams. They are a very successful invasive species in Europe and their habit of digging holes is a threat to dikes and levees along rivers. But they are nice subjects of photograpy as well :grinning:

Thank you, Ingrid, for your remarks and suggestion. As I said, I tried it and it is clearly better than the O.P.