Cliff Spring Abstract

The colors on this cliffside come from algae and minerals of the spring seeping through it. It changes with the seasons as it dries, and with the years as layers of clay shed off. Plenty of opportunities for abstracts.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any .

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Is this an abstract that could be enjoyed (endured) for a while on the wall? a page flipper?

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There are some good elements here. Can I suggest a square crop of either the top or bottom potions of the image? I see two different images here Dick.

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Well this algae is certainly unusual, and has some awesome color. Your processing looks very good, you even got some nice color separation between yellow and orange to avoid this from being totally monochromatic.

As presented, it seems to me that the color is the subject, and that the composition does not have a strong structure to it. There are a number of small elements here (the LLC dark area, the twigs, the green thing in the one oclock position, and probably the best, the orange circle of lichen at the bottom), but the composition doesn’t really emphasize any one of them.

I really like what @Eva_McDermott has done with her first crop. It emphasizes what to me are the two strongest elements here, the orange circle, and the dark wedge in the LLC. That crop feels like it has a more definite structure to the composition. You original post is more about the color, and Eva’s first crop is more about the structure of elements, with the color being additive to it.

I could also see taking a macro lens to that orange circle of lichen and going for a total close up (image quality of my rework here suffers from cropping a crop)


I really like the yellow color cast you used here. The biggest issue I have here is the oval object you have in the right center. Remove it and you have an empty area. @Eva_McDermott‘s first rework is probably a good compromise.

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@Eva_McDermott @Ed_McGuirk @Igor_Doncov
What an eye-opening set of responses. You guys are pressing me to see things beyond my usual habits … structure beyond color, and the green rock (that I love) as a potential distraction (hhmmppff). Lots to think about. I will play some and listen to it with a wider vocabulary, thanks to your observations.
By the way, every year this place is a bit different as layers of clay slough off. Once I found a fossil mastodon molar in the rubble below this area.