Close up hummer

Was trying out my new R7 at the local nature center photo blind. This hummer landed in shrubs right outside of the blind giving me a real close-up pos

Specific Feedback Requested

Composition and sharpness, also is this image too green?

Technical Details

Canon R7, Canon RF 100-400mm 5.6/8
1/2000 @ F-8 ISO 1250 @ 400mm
Hand held.

This is from a jpeg image. My PhotoShop is not recognizing RAW images taken with the R7.

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Nice pose and good detail. Not too green for my tastes. I suppose you could play around-I wonder if darkening the leaves would give more pop to the hummer.

Hi John
The R7 is looking pretty sharp and what only $2,000 cheaper than my R5. Your Hummingbird coloring and feather detail look very nice. If you can find software to handle the RAW file, bring down the bright green background will give the Hummingbird more pop. Nice work.
There are some big differences between the R7 & R5, but I think Canon has a winner here.

A nice hummingbird image. I like the head turn and the nice back pose.

Here’s a link to the Adobe page on what cameras are supported. The R7 was added in June 2022. Assuming you have the subscription to LR and PS, you need to update if you haven’t to get RAW support for your R7.