Colorful Colorado

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Breath taking color changes this year , surrounding the San Juans outside of Durango. I was able to spend the first week of October in the area and was really over whelmed with the intense color changes. Many residents thought that these were the best colors in many years.
Also was lucky to have the afternoon clouds.

Specific Feedback

Any comments are appreciated.

Technical Details

Canon R6, Canon 24-105mm,31mm,1/320 sec,f/9.
LR with cropping and adjustments.

Hi Charlie.

Looks like a beautiful scene. I like the composition with the different layers of trees working back to the mountain. There is some contrast in the trees and mountain in the middle left of the photo that is out of balance with the rest of the photo. I feel like that area should look more like the middle section on the right. Very nice photo.

Beautiful scenery. The colors this year seem to be the best in years everywhere. My initial reaction is that this image may be over-processed. The sharpness from from to back seems contrived to me. That’s just me, though. This may be a personal preference. Glad you got to experience this gorgeous scenery.

Thanks. I tried to get the haze off the mt. and it is overdone.