Columbine in high key w/ repost



It’s been a long time since I took any flora images, let alone posting any. I got motivated, acquired a light panel, and here is the first attempt.

All comments appreciated.

D850, 60mm macro, 1/10 sec, f 16, ISO 100, 5 image focus blend via Photoshop

Lovely, Steve. Great first attempt. Wonderful detail in the petals. The high key works very well with this delicate flower, IMHO. Nicely done.

Great colours and detail and looks good on the white bg. A small suggestion: add some white canvas to the right to give flower a touch more breathing space.

Thank you for the comments @Linda_Mellor and @Mike_Friel! Mike, I agree with the need for room and added the repost. Thanks for the suggestions.

Beautiful shot, Steve. I usually see Columbine hanging down, but this one is turning up. It looks like flying pleasantly high in the air before the wind. Nice composition.

Looks even better to my eye now, Steve.

Steve, there’s a fine elegance in this columbine shot. The details in the flower look great. I do like the extra space, although maybe not at the top (it feel right to have the flower pointing into the frame corner…).