Columbines are very 3 dimensional and hard to get everything in focus. I tried to get the flower and the bud in focus, but the stem went out of focus. They are good subjects for stacking, but I didn’t do focus bracketing on it due to wind.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 7DII + 180/3.5 + Tripod
f/10, 1/40, ISO 800

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Ravi. It looks good to me as is. It is sharp where needed. The stem is secondary to the viewer. I’ve tried to get a good shot of these beautiful wild flowers, without success. You did a stellar job.

These are hard because of that 3-dimensionality and they wave around in the least breeze so good job with this one. I’d like to see it less centered in the frame & maybe a darker background to make it pop. Given how sharp and distinct it is, this should be easy to mask in Photoshop to get it done. Alternately you could try a range mask using the color green in Lightroom. Use a graduated filter and put it across the whole image so the lines are actually outside on the panel frame. Then use the dropper to select the green color - the bud may darken a bit, too, but if you don’t use Photoshop this could be a way to get the green down. Oh and you could try the green channel in curves, too. Green is a challenge, but has many was it can be addressed.

Stunning! I love the slightly cyan cast int he BG against the rose-magenta color of the flower. I wonder about a simple subtly darker vignette.

Beautiful, Ravi. Wonderful detail in the columbine and lovely OOF background. Nicely done.

Ravi: It’s been awhile since I’ve shot any Columbines. We have had them in our garden but they’re pretty short lived so a poor investment. I’ve been lucky enough to see them in the wild in Colorado but always the blue variety. I think you handled the DOF issue very well. Beautiful subject nicely captured. >=))>

Thanks Kristen, Diane, Patricia, Linda and Bill for your comments. Kristen, I agree with your suggestions. Here is what I have done.

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That looks most excellent, Ravi!

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I agree with @Kris_Smith and @Diane_Miller, especially the darker background.