This is image was made at Consolation lakes near the famous Moraine Lake in Banff/Lake Louise. I was at Moraine lake for sunrise but it was too busy for my tastes so I went on the nearest trail to Consolation lakes which is about 2.7 km from Moraine and with not much elevation gain. I had the place to myself from sunrise to about 11am in the morning. There is a mountain valley which ends with two lakes and a large peak with a glacier. There is a large rock field on the one side of the valley which provides for many interesting abstracts or other landscape photos. As well the rocks are home to Pika’s and Hoary Marmots. I was able to slow down and study the place away from the crowds with out a hard hike just a few days ago.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

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Nice capture, Bryan. It would be a little helpful if you could provide some context, like where it was shot or what caught your attention. Also, your settings are helpful in giving you some good feedback. Your photo is quite interesting, just a little more info would be nice.

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Hi Bryan, this is a really interesting abstract. I am looking at it trying to get my head around it. I finally realized it’s mostly a reflection with just a hint of the real rock area at the top. The lines keep me engaged and the coloring is quite enjoyable too.

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Surreal! And very cool. I could see cropping the left a bit to eliminate those tiny darker spots in the ULC. That would leave just the large blocks of shape and color. Anyway, this is very well seen.

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Bryan, I thoroughly enjoy rock reflections and this is an excellent example. I’m particularly enjoying that there’s more color in the reflections than in the rocks that you included in the frame.

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Really interesting abstract, Bryan. It took me a minute to really figure out what I was seeing. I really like the layering created by the increasing blurriness from top to bottom.