Coot out of water

A tough bird to photograph well. What to do with the different black tones? This one is taken in somewhat harsh light which makes it even more difficult. And with the harsh lighting, one needs to look out closely for blue casts in the highlights of the black plumage. Certainly an interesting critter…

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 400, 500 mm PF, F8, 1000th, D 500, nearly full frame

Looks as if the blacks are handled fairly well and the detail and color around the head and neck looks just fine. Nice to get them out of the water-they have interesting feet.

A great shot of this coot. It is so difficult to get a good shot of them . Very nice.

An excellent job handling the dark plumage, David, particularly in the harsh light. Well done.

Well done, David, some very nice reflective tones and textures n the Coot.