Corn Bunting

Last week we had a holiday in Spain, and on one of the last mornings I went out pretty early. It had been an clear night with relatively low temps. I wanted to shoot against the sun, and was pleasantly surprised that it was still cold enough for breath ‘clouds’.
For more images of the species and some small story, if you like you can check
Have a nice day ! Hans

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Nikon Z9 with 500mm f4 | 1/1600s | f6.3 | ISO220 | underexposed 2FS | from car
I lightened up shadows a bit, added some contrast as to have a breath stand out better, and warmed the overall color tone


Hans: This is a really special image. The overall mood is enticing the pose and of course the breath make this one for me. Such a great image. I’m sure there are many, many ways to process an image like this. Your presentation is very nice.

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The breath definitely makes this image, but the tones are great and I like the light shining through the tail. Excellent capture.

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Wow, that is just so incredible, Hans. The breath is wonderful.

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What a beautiful backlit image, Hans. I love the colors and the breath. Superb work.

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A beautiful early morning image. Simple composition with lovely colours. The breath cloud is the icing on the cake.

I’m pleased I checked out your link. There are so many wonderful images there Hans!

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An amazing image Hans. This is a decisive moment! The color and composition are superb.

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Hi Hans, love the backlighting and everything else about the image. The visible breath is really special. A creative and well thought out image.

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Fantastic, beautiful and incredible! Time lapse shooters have a type of capture they call the Holy Grail – it isn’t the same thing but I think this is the still photographer’s equivalent.

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Thanks all for your nice feedback, and the EP :slight_smile: Cheers, Hans

Thanks so much @glennie ; I usually do not post more than one image from a series, and therefore provide the link, people that want to see more can do that there ;-). Great you did that !

Congratulations, Hans. Fantastic image that keeps one engaged. Both the colors as well as the visible breath add to the mood of try scene. Nice!

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Great shot Hans! That breath really is something. Not only that but the overall mood of the picture is great too.

Wow, that’s a nice surprise ! Thanks a lot for your comments and support, and thanks to the Editors for their work and tireless energy ! Wishing you all a great 2023. A humble Dutchman :wink:

Stunning! And congrats on editors pick.

Congratulations Hans! Wonderful image! Well deserved!!