Crab Shell

This was taken a while ago but never shown on NPN to my knowledge.

I quite like this, Igor. I might burn down the higher values on the shell and clone the white bits on the sand, but otherwise, the processing looks spot on to my eye. Real nice.

Great color contrast. Love the side-lit ripples. Perhaps a tad more space around the crab would be nice, but this is lovely.

Interesting comp here, Igor. I like that the shell is isolated in the corner. Works much better than if it were centered.


Excellent find and capture. The colors and color combo works beautifully and enjoying the details in both the sand and the shell.

I agree with the minor tweaks already suggested - a bit more breathing room left/bottom for the shell, and dropping the brighter values in the shell. All very minor.


Igor: I can see taming the highlights on the shell a bit but I love the light in this and the play of shadows in the sand. :+1::+1:>=))>

Wow, Igor, the lighting and how it sets off the crab shell are outstanding. I like your comp. and how the ripples complement but don’t compete with the shell. This would be a fine entry in next (this) week’s challenge with it’s non-standard comp.

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I took your advice and found something on the rule of thirds for the weekly challenge.