Crepe Myrtle Abstract

This time of year they are beginning to shed their bark. What appeals to me is the bright colors that are revealed. I thought the relatively simple range of colors worked well for this.
EM1 MkII, Zuiko 50-200 @200 on tripod, ISO 200 1/30 f7.1, slight crop from RHS

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Bill, wonderful broken abstract pattern overall. The natural world has some hidden gems. It’s up to us to find those unique collections out there. This one fits that point of discovery. Nice work…:+1:

Bill: Really well seen and superbly captured. We have a number of these in our garden but they haven’t started shedding yet. I’m going to have to pay attention. Most excellent. >=))>

Really nice closeup and semi-abstract of the bark. Excellent shapes and colors. I might pull down the brightness/highlights a bit on the right side, though.

Very pleasing natural abstract. Good eye to find this. No suggestions to improve, I love it as is.

Bill–Awesome color, detail, and patterns. The transition from reds to the greenish gray generates a lot of interest to the eye. Well done…Jim