Crimson Kayaker

The main subject may not be very large in the frame but she’s very obvious! It was the day after a large snow storm. I was on the dock shooting landscape photos of the reflections of the mountains in the snow covered bay when this Crimson Kayaker just paddled right into the frame! I already had the landscape composed so all I had to do was wait for her to glide into the right place. It took me a couple weeks to identify the kayaker but she now has a 3’ x 2’ DuraPlaq version of this photo hanging in her living room :smile:

Sony a6000, FE 70-200 F4 G @ 70mm, ISO-100, f/6.3, 1/100, hand held. There is something I should note because it isn’t very easy to tell. This is a full color image. There was zero color or saturation adjustments. The only adjustments were contrast and brightness. The buildings of the Marine Terminal on the other side of the bay are painted in dull greens and light browns to blend in with the environment so in this flat light with snow covering everything they don’t show much color. There are a couple of lit street lamps on the left side (at the water line) that provide some hint of color (if you double click to zoom in).

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

That is a stunner. I am glad you located the paddler it would have been a shame if she were not ware of the existence of this stunning monochromatic image with a genuine slice of colour. Drop dead gorgeous.

Gary, Brrrrrr…what a great photo opportunity here for both you and the lady Kayaker. The red subject is a stunning standout in the completely blank or white backdrop to this wonderful scene. Excellent…:+1:

Gary, this is way cool! The B&W world with a red Kayak, the old National Geographic photographers couldn’t have done any better. The hints of mountain through the clouds at the top are neat and the b&w reflection is outstanding, a perfect setting for the kayaker. This would also be neat without the kayak. How special that you tracker her down and gave her a print.

Gary, just a fantastic work of art! Well done!

Yeah! I wish this was mine. As others have said, a beautiful work of art.

Gary, I remember this posting from some years ago since it is so striking. Just a marvelous image, and I can see why she has this in her living room now. You couldn’t have made this any better. Not enough superlatives for it!

Most excellent, Gary. I’m sure she’ll treasure this, certainly a memorable experience for her.

A gorgeous image without the kayaker, Gary, and she adds just the right touch. Excellent work.

Gary: This so much makes me want to be there! I recall this image also and am glad you posted it again. Most excellent.>=))>

Beautiful, Gary!!! Such a striking image. Love it.

A mesmerizing image with the textures and lighting. Nature provided her own version of a hand tinted B&W.

Geez, this is gorgeous, Gary. That reflection is wonderful! So nice that she floated into the scene.
This has everything for me.
I really like winter photos, but unfortunately I cannot find many people who want to have them.

Thank you, Genny! I know what you’re talking about in reference to winter photos. I think it might have something to do with trying to sell cold photos in Alaska. Maybe we should give it a try in Texas or florida :wink:

Thanks for posting - lovely image. Water ,must have been perfectly still for such perfect reflections and the colour of the kayak/kayaker provides the perfect contrast to enable the small component stand out in the frame. Something for me to learn from this I believe - I’m always tempted to use a very low viewpoint with reflections but it looks to me as if this was captured from a little height - can you confirm?

Thanks, Rob. Yes, I was on the dock and it was low tide. We have an average 12 ft. tide here so it’s a bit of a drop to the water when it’s low.

Jus t stumbled upon this one, what a beautiful scene! I can imagine the excitement when you saw the paddler coming. Nice touch reading that she now has it hanging on her wall!

Gorgeous :raised_hands: What a moment! Another spectacular scene! Your extra notes about this being a full color image makes this even better - truly appreciate the beauty of this place.

Congrats on this photo, which is one of my all time favorite images, in all the categories, and I remember it from a prior year. Just superb.

Thank you, Kathy! It was a lucky opportunity and has been my most requested photo for prints.