Crystal Fangs

As March rolls in, winter continues to bite down on the PNW. Rivers and creeks in the Columbia River Gorge along with cold temperatures created beautiful ice formations along the banks. I dont often shoot close up detail shots but the ice was just too nice to not try it out. There is soft spot in the upper right from a water droplet on the lens that I had trouble cloning out

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D5200 45mm, 0.8s, ISO100, f/18

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A different but pleasing perspective. I like the water in background and the composition. The soft spot doesn’t bother me. It is indeed winter here in PNW. Snowed again here in Yakima yesterday and snowing today.

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Michael, I like this image a lot. I think it is a brilliant composition.

Michael, I like the unusual perspective that you found here. The backlit icicles make for an interesting subject. A very different take on the Columbia Gorge, nice creative thinking on your part. I might suggest burning down the ice in the lower left corner, it would help to accentuate teh icicles even further.

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Well seen and photographed. Like Jim, I really like the bg water and especially the faint evidence of water dripping off the icicles. And because of that I think alternatively you could crop some off all the sides except the right. Tightens the comp up just a little and making the flowing water in the back a little more prominent. I do like the upper details but of course that’s not as pretty as the icicles… :wink: (the water droplet doesn’t bother me)


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It took me a minute to get the “fangs” reference, and now I’m hooked. The color and contrast in the teeth comes through really nicely.

You’ve done a great job putting together a small composition that works really well. I also love that this is sort-of a one-off composition. It won’t be the same even the next day, so this is a unique image. I too struggle with those water drop induced soft-spots, but this one doesn’t even seem noticeable.

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