Dandelion Semaphore

While it’s been a slow spring for wildflowers, the dandelions have been doing well. I liked the shape of this one as it sat quietly for a 15 shot stack. (R5, 180mm macro, 1/500s, f/9, iso 400, tripod)


Mark, I have been working diligently on pulling up (with what is called Grandpa’s Weeder) the overabundance of dandelions in our yard and feel like I never want to see another once again, but I am actually enjoying this. I too like the shape of this one. So glad it stayed still for you to get the stack like you wanted it. That BG really makes it stand out nicely, while complimentary in colors as well. Great shot.

Mark, great composition. I like how you used focus stacking to get more of the flower in focus, while still keeping the background nicely OOF. Well done.

Mark: How many folks even know what a semaphore is? Aptly titled and superbly captured. Really well done. >=))>

Perfect DOF for this one. The detail and composition are most pleasing.