Dawn on Glacial Heritage

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


It’s been awhile since I was out at this preserve for the sunrise, but I was asked to escort a couple of other photographers last week so I took advantage of it. We had clear skies but early morning fog (not uncommon here). This was about one half of 25 image panorama. The entire thing went almost 180 degrees and had just too much variation in light from the sunrise end on the left to the opposite area on the right end (plus it was way long and skinny).

Specific Feedback

I used several linear gradient adjustments in LR to try to balance the left and right sides of the image while still maintaining enough gradient in light intensity to reproduce the feel that the sun was coming up just off the left edge. I’m really interested in knowing if I managed that and how you might go about accomplishing that effect.

Technical Details

Stitched in LR then cropped to about half the width. I didn’t get the tripod quite level so I also rotated the image a trifle and added some sky at the top to make it balance (content aware fill). Sony A1, FE 70-200 @ 70 mm, f/20, 1/1250, iso 1600.

Critique Template

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  • Vision and Purpose:
  • Conceptual:
  • Emotional Impact and Mood:
  • Composition:
  • Balance and Visual Weight:
  • Depth and Dimension:
  • Color:
  • Lighting:
  • Processing:
  • Technical:

That’s quite the stitch! It looks like it came together well for you in this portion. It’s a beautiful mood you captured; it looks like a nice place to just be there for the moment to soak in.

I think it does a good job of the light flowing left to right, and it does feel as though the sun is just to the left; I think you’ve reached the goal just fine. (There’s a slight area of darker blue above that third tree form the right, but it’s so slight I may be imagining it.)

I’m really enjoying the reds in the foreground. They are a light touch, but add a lot to the overall balance.

A very nice, peaceful calming image. Love it. The stitching looks like it went well except for the one area that @John_Williams mentioned. Maybe it’s the power of suggestion. I didn’t notice it at first but after I read John’s comment, I can’t unsee it.

It’s a beautiful place. The photo keeps me looking. I don’t think I’ve ever seen terrain like that.

@Don_Peters Thanks, Don. It’s not a common terrain, most places, but there’s quite a bit around here including the geological “type” location. There’s no consensus amongst geologist on how the mounds are formed. If you’re interested, the name of the formation is “Mima Mounds”.

Dennis, I like the way the light moves me from the right to the left, but my eye is brought back into the composition by the foreground. I agree with @John_Williams about the reds in the foreground. The “Mima Mounds” are the finishing touch. This is a very peaceful scene.

This is a real nice pano Dennis. I love the way that the light transitions from left to right starting with the warm tones and ending with cool ones. I too can see the area; ever so slightly; that @John_Williams is talking about. I think that you did manage the effect of the sun rising up just outside of the left edge of the frame. Looks like the perfect morning to sit and relax while greeting the morning.


The transition from left to right feels very natural. I think you did a great job in processing. No one has mentioned it yet, but the photo seems to have been taken from a very low vantage point. The FG mound seems to be rising up at the viewer and it gives me the sense that I am low to the ground looking out. Interesting.

Oh, this is very nice. I love that “line” of evergreens in the mid-ground and how well the colours of the foreground work with the colour of the sky. The pano aspect ratio also really fits the image.

Thank you @John_Williams @Youssef_Ismail @Michael_Lowe @Ed_Lowe @Don_Peters and @Tom_Nevesely for your comments and for catching that blue spot which was due to careless processing. The blue was going just a bit too dark on the right and when I brought it down I didn’t get wuite a smooth junction.

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