Day Break

![Day Break]
Image 1:

Image2 4x5:

Image 3 wide:

A white as usual late fall day in the Canadian Rockies.
My friends and I were headed up Serrail Ridge in Kananaskis and just by the trail head we caught the sunrise glow on the mountains and its reflection in the lake.
It was a bit windy and it had snowed the night before. The colors were beautiful inspiring me to take a shot even though the sky was blue.

In this post i am hoping to get feedback on composition. I took a number of shots some wide and some on the short telephoto end.
I chose the telephoto one to process (image 1) while discussing the image with other photographers whom i trust and look up to the issue of balance came up.
One comment was about the left cliff taking the eye out of frame. And the other comment was about the image being left heavy as the big sloping cliff and the prominent peak are both to the left.
So i attempted a different crop in hopes to give it balance (image 2 (4x5)).
I then went back to my wide photo of the scene and felt that it was more balanced between left and right (image 3) or is it?

So i thought i would bring the photos over here and have some lovely composition conversation and debate over here with all of you fine photographers.

Specific Feedback Requested

Contrast level

Any other feedback or thoughts about processing or anything really is welcome including the “this image is not working, don’t waste your time”

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Your initial image has a good layered composition. I don’t agree that the slope on the left takes the eye out of the picture because there is a sunny area next to it which keeps it from doing it. The image may be a bit left heavy but not in a very significant way. Personally I feel that too much concern has been given to that large slope but that’s my opinion. The other 2 compositions are inferior to the first, each for a different reason.

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Thanks @Igor_Doncov i always love to hear your feedback and invaluable insight.
I am very interested to hear some of your thoughts about why they other two photos (different crop and wider view) are inferior :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

first rework: In my view a horizontal layered composition does not look good in a vertical and the narrower the vertical the more the problem, Horizontal lines need horizontal space to do their magic. The peak looks crowded to me.

second rework: This image does have the issue you were concerned about in the original. It is left heavy due to the large sunlit area on the far left. It’s also the most saturated area. I actually like image 3 quite a bit. I like it’s sense of open space. I think it’s almost as good as number 1. It’s the trees and their details and the shoreline I like in the original so much.

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I would agree that the first image is by far the best (most dramatic). I don’t feel it is left heavy at all. The left sunlit peak feels like it’s leaning toward the center of the image and helps to balance the shadowed peak on the far left. For me this is a well-balanced image. I think it would look great printed large and hanging on the wall…

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Thanks @Igor_Doncov once again for the detailed feedback.
I see your point about the horizontal lines and i do as well like the bit more detail of the shore and the trees.

I appreciate the feedback

Hello Aref,
First of all to see work from another ‘local’ photographer here on NPN.
I recognized the location the second I saw your image and I think you did a really fine job with it. For me, I most like your first image and the third. The first image has the best overall balanced composition. The second feels a bit too tight and restrictive and the third, although one could say that the sunlit spot on the mountain pulls the eye, isn’t a deal breaker for me and I enjoy the wider, more open view.
I know it’s all subjective, but if it were mine, I would darken the blues in the sky of the first image. I feel it would create a stronger colour contrast between the warm and cool colours. I hope you don’t mind, but I tried it out here:

Hey @Tom_Nevesely
So good to hear of someone else from around here on NPN
I have joined last year i think and was looking for the day i will meet people through the network.
I am pretty sure i already liked photos of you in the Facebook Rockies Photography group.

Thanks for the feedback, and i like what you did with the sky. I think i will incorporate that into the image.