Dead Solid Perfect

Sony A77II
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/800 @ f5.6
When I was much younger and a lot foolisher I used to play a lot of golf. Every so often when you hit a golf ball just right you barely feel it off the club face and the shot ends up just the way you planned it. We would call such a shot “dead solid perfect”. This afternoon after a brief shower this hibiscus made me think of the expression again. I don’t often shoot large flowers like hibiscus showing the entire flower but I thought the BG was sufficiently complementary that I could pull it off. All comments welcome. >=))>



Pretty much “dead solid perfect”. Lovely flower, light and background. Love the colors of this beauty. Nicely done.

Agree with Keith. Lovely flower and everything is dead on. Great colors and complementary background. It is often hard to get a bug flower right, but this one is.

Love the analogy Bill, and the beautiful hibiscus is just amazing. . . “dead solid perfect” :+1:

Spot on !!! two thumbs up here Bill…