Desert Crevices

I was in Death Valley for three nights this week and found this fun little canyon. It has a few layers.

D810, 70-200mm


That is one amazing canyon, Harley. It’s always hard to tell scale in something like this, but it sure doesn’t look like easy hiking. A great entry for this challenge.

Just a “few” layers.? I really like this.

Sweet light !

My oh my Harley! Forget the layers for a second, this is simply phenomenal. The glow and the warm/cool contrasts are wonderful. Stunning image. I’ll stop here.


Harley, a perfect fit for the WC Layers subject. The wonderful light here has really aided in the viewing process too. The quantity & quality of the landmass of all the tiers is super…:+1:

I’m sure glad you were able to get some images from the a bit tough weather outing to DVNP last week…:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Maybe some more to come?..:thinking:

Harley, this is an outstanding zig-zqg of eroded slopes. The touches of gold and gentle light lead the view through the image beautifully.

Harley, WOW! Great layers but I agree the warm and cool contrast are the star for me! Well done and quite a find!

Lovely image, Harley. I am really enjoying all of the layers: ridge and valley, cool and warm, light and shade.

Dang! This is gorgeous! Great color and textures throughout.

Well done, sir!

Excellent, Harley. And I commend you on the usage of blues. I know how hard that is for you (lol). But seriously, you should have posted this in landscape critiques where it would have received greater visibility, The steel blue color palette reminds me of some of the images coming from southern Utah. This makes a fine abstract as well.

This is awesome, Harley. The layers, textures and color contrasts all working beautifully.

Harley, this is an outstanding and intriguing dichotomy of layers. That valley down the middle is fascinating, and seems likely one can get lost in the divide. Since I’ve never been there, I’d be curious to know your focal length and aperture, and how distant you were from the formations.

Harley: Great colors and a superb comp. The light play is pretty darn good too. :+1::beers::clap:>=))>

Fabulous Harley!!!

Very nice Harley. I love the crispness of the overall presentation. The colors are delicious and the interplay of light and shadow is fantastic. The sharp ridges have been really highlighted in this tight composition. A unique and beautiful take on the Death Valley landscape.

Fabulous! Perfect.

Very unique shot of Death Valley!