Distant view of Julian Alps

This one was taken at about 180mm and the tallest mountain is Triglav in Slovenia. It was a sunny and hazy evening. Thanks for any feedback or thoughts!



Very nice. This image has such a calm and peaceful feeling to it. While it is a very interesting grand landscape, I also think that works pretty well as an abstract image. The haze has diffused and softened the shapes of the mountains to the point where the image is an effective abstract as well.

I also like your processing of this image very much, i think you have done a good job with the luminositys of the various layers of mountains. But what I like best about the processing here is the cooler treatment that results in various tones of blue and blue/grey.

I like this image very much as presented, there are a lot of things working well here.

It is just perfect! This is a wonderful example of ‘the layer cake’ composition. Love that fog breaking the pattern.

I have nothing to add to Ed’s comments. I love this. It really conveys a sense of peace.