Dogbane seeds

While strolling a local wild area, a large patch of Dogbane was glowing in the sun, with a few seeds still attached. Here are two looks. The first includes both sides of the pod, which better shows the situation, while the second is a closer look with the seeds filling more of the frame. Framing was a fun challenge because a steady breeze was constantly moving the subject. In evaluating the results, subtle differences in focus and position in the frame made major dramatic changes in the “feel” of the view. (R5, 180 mm macro, 1/500 s, f/7.1, iso 800, tripod)

Dogbane seeds-2

Dogbane seeds-1

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What a great find, Mark. I can see where any breeze would be a problem trying to capture this subject, but you sure managed it well. I think I like the first image the best. Both are very good though, and I would be happy if I had taken either of them. Nice work!

As @Shirley_Freeman said, both are great images, Mark. I think I lean toward the closer image, as it’s a bit more simple and the seeds cropped at the edges have a sense of closure, so I don’t feel like I am missing anything. Well done.

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Hi Mark, a very nice capture you have here and I’m leaning toward preferring the first for its wider view. Enjoying the detail enlarged and the twisted frond to the right makes a sweet counterpoint. Strongly suggestive of nature’s own fireworks display.

Wonderful capture Mark with amazing details. Both photos are just amazing. That camera setup is working very well.

Wonderful!! A fascinating subject in great light, very well presented. I favor the more complex (and excellent) composition in the first.