Redbud leaves revisited

Since a couple of the comments about my earlier redbud leaves post indicated that they’d like to see only fresh leaves, I went back to try for that look. This is an 8 shot stack on a day with a light but steady breeze (after 3 days of high winds). The between shot movements make for lots of clean-up work both using the retouch tools in Helicon Focus (clean-up that’s almost impossible in Photoshop) with some final tweaks in Photoshop. The magnification is about 1.8 times life size, since I was using my 180mm macro on my 7D2 (a 1.6 crop factor) with a 36 mm extension tube (magnification gain of 0.2) and at nearly closest focus. The vertical is as it was, while the horizontal view is more like what we expect to see (vertical growth), plus it shows much better on a horizontal screen.

Nice color, detail and the background works for me. I prefer the horizontal view.

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Very nice, Mark. The lighting on those new leaves are really nice. Wonderful BG to make them stand out even better. I think I like the horizontal one best too. Just seems more natural. It is extremely windy here in NC, so going to have to wait on trying to get an image of our new maple leaves. I think if I get to do it though, I will try my 7D II with the 180 mm macro and the extension tube. I haven’t tried that combo yet.

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Mark: I like both but much prefer the horizontal frame. Wonderful light and the BG is marvelous. Really good shot. >=))>