Had the opportunity to do a workshop near Moab, UT. No iconic sites visited, in fact, I was off road in 4wd jeep, Very rough trails , half the time going less than 5mph to navigate the rocks. Well worth the time to get to some off the beaten path areas. I have not done a lot of wide angle or pano work so I concentrated on those two things.

Specific Feedback Requested

Composition and processing but any comments welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
24mm, f/8, 1/50 sec, iso 200


Mario, for not doing a lot of wide angle work, you sure nailed this one. The side light on the foreground is excellent and the sky is a wonderful compliment. All in all, I can’t think of anything to change. Print it and enjoy it.

What @David_Bostock said!! Beautiful light, wonderful composition! No nits! Would love to see more from the trip!

The true Moab backcountry is so wonderful, isn’t it? Pretty sure I know that specific place, and this is a better photo than I’ve ever made in that area. My only nit is that I am a bit distracted by the tracks in the lower left corner. I find myself wishing I could take two steps to the right, then look again. Very nice image!

This is a classic David Muench foreground to background composition which you have done very nicely. The pinnacles in the background are really fascinating. It looks as though you were going to use the dead bush as the foreground and then changed your mind? You had some great light and some variation in the sky as well to make things interesting. The shadows and highlights have been handled very well.

Wow! I want to explore here! Love the colors and those rocks. I’m really liking the yellow flower bush in the foreground. It’s an interesting angle looking down at the bush and then straight across at the domes, just as if I were standing there. Really beautiful composition!

Thank you @David_Bostock @Diane_Miller @jefflafrenierre @Igor_Doncov @Vanessa_Hill for your time to comment. I have a few others to follow but this was the best site I visited, the light and later the sunset sky were awsome.

Igor. and Jeff…that is exactly what happened but I zoned out on the impressions I made in the sand. This is a rework after taking that out in PS.

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Mario, the lighting really sets this view off. You’ve got good eye movement from the rabbit bush in the foreground to those excellent hoodoos at the back. The foot prints show that other humans (probably photographers) were there, but at least several days ahead of you.