Moab 3

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I was exploring Moab the day before a workshop last year. I am always intrigued by the interplay of different brush with the landscape.

Specific Feedback

Is this a strong composition? The light was mid-afternoon and highlighted the yellow so I purposefully left the other areas darker. Does this appear underexposed in general or did I accomplish my goal?

Technical Details

150mm f/11 1/80 iso 100

Ah, Mario, another nice Moab image. You have a good eye for intimate landscapes. Two suggestions, I would some luminance to the big rock to reveal more of its lines. Secondly, think the image could benefit from increased resolution. You could do this with Topaz Gigapixel or with Enchance in the Lightroom Classic photo menu. Also, look at the gold flowers - are they soft (a bit out of focus) to you? I tinkered a bit, but did not try to increase resolution or deal with the flowers. Hope this helps.

Here is a new version with sharper flowers and with texture of rock brought out. Thank you for your comments Larry

Much better.

This feels very dull and dingy, like the exposure is way too dark for the kind of lighting present. I would recommend brightening this quite a bit as it currently doesn’t feel like it matches the light.


I really like this intimate scene. I think this is well composed and nicely balanced between the rock, flowers and supporting vegetation.

I would agree with brightening this up a bit. I like Larry’s edit and you’re repost is certainly an improvement. I think there’s room to go further - especially in brightening the yellows of the flowers. For sure, you’ve got a great little intimate working here. Well seen!


Thank you @Eric_Bennett @Lon_Overacker for your comments. Going back and looking at this image I agree with both of you. Revised below