Moab at a Distance

Specific Feedback Requested

Composition and processing

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
70mm f/8 1/5 sec iso100

The greys and blues in the sky look like the same haze that I encountered there recently. It makes things look muddy. Perhaps some noise reduction would help. For me the composition doesn’t work because the rocks in the foreground taper off on the left side and there is a big gap. I think the only composition that could work would be to do a big crop and only include the right side.

Thank you @Tony_Siciliano for the comments . Yes there was a haze that day and I used dehaze in LR to try to minimize it. My gut on the left side was as you see it as well. A rework follows.

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The crop helps, Mario. My eyes are immediately drawn to the snowy peaks and the beautiful clouds in the BG. I didn’t even notice the red rocks in the FG until a few minutes later; not necessarily a bad thing at all. I think it’s a different interpretation of Moab for sure. These red rocks always steal the show in every Moab pictures I have seen and this is quite refreshing.

This seems overworked or something… It is kind of coarse and grainy looking. Comp and colors are nice, I would re-process, iso100 should not look like this.