Downy Woodpecker

First appearance this year.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5ds-r with 100x400x1.4 Lens, f-8, 1/500sec., and iso of 800.


Wayne, I really love this. The contemplative look downward of the Woodpecker is a really nice pose. I like the perch as well, and you have a nice complimentary smooth background. I don’t have any nits. Great shot.

Hi Wayne, nice and sharp head to tail with an interesting pose. I like the inclusion of the curve in the branch. nice exposure. well done.

Hi Wayne,

You captured a very nice picture. If you so desire, my only suggestion would be to darken the blacks some more. You should have some room to spare by examining the histogram. This one will look good on the wall. Well done…Jim

Very nice, Wayne. I really like the pose and the perch. I would suggest taking just a touch more off the right side. There are a couple of little features in the perch right on the edge that draw my eye. If you came in just past the end of the twig that drops behind the main perch I think that would remove all the weird areas.

Re-Post for right side move inward. Thanks to all for kind suggestions.

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Nice job on the repost, Wayne. That took care of the issue I saw.

Very nice pose and perch! Lovely detail on the bird. Some unexpected posterization in the BG but not a big deal at all.