Duck Brook Carriage Bridge

Acadia National Park, ME
A nod to my brother Ed. I saw an image he took from this location and liked it very much. I think I put my own spin on it by changing the composition around enough so I wasn’t literally copying his image.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

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Michael, I recall Ed’s wonderful image from this locale too. I can’t say if his had this explosion of colors, but the scene here provided a bit of da-ja-vu. Excellent work…:+1:

A very nice look at the bridge. I would clone out the white branch coming in from the left middle, but otherwise, looks well processed.

Thanks @Paul_Breitkreuz and @Harley_Goldman. Harley, I was wondering if anyone would mention the branch and also the FG orange and green leaves in the LRC. I didn’t want to turn the camera anymore to the right because then the it would be more of a copy of Ed’s comp. I should have cloned it out I guess.

You have a very pleasing mix of fall colors along with some greens as well. The tree does a wonderful job framing the top of the image, and I like the trees positioning relative to the bridge. The three trunks creates a very dynamic element in the image. The bridge is very bright relative to the rest of the image, but the way the tree breaks the bridge up makes it so it is not overwhelming.

In terms of cloning, I agree with Harley about the white branch on the left. I’m less certain of this, because it’s not really a distraction, but I might also clone away the yellow/green oak leaves in the LLC, but that is pretty subjective.

Michael, a fine view, with great colors. The old stone bridge makes a great foil for the fall foliage. It also creates a good 3D sense.

Excellent Michael! This is just simply beautifully composed, captured and processed. Great mix of colors and just as important a great mix of the elements, all nicely balanced with each other - the bridge of course, the main tree and then all the autumn foliage. Frame-filling autumn excellence.

The mentioned edge distractions are very minor for me - barely worth mentioning.


That bridge is really charming, and the color is a beautiful frame for it.

If you get hot and heavy with the cloning I’d also nail that tiny bright spot in the upper right, but I wouldn’t bother unless you were using it anyway.

Where have I seen this before? :grinning:I think this is the only image we came away with since the water flow was pretty low on Duck Brook this year. The colors and processing look really good IMO. My only suggestion would be the already mentioned cloning of the white branch on the left edge. Beautifully done, Mike.