Dune Grass, Long Beach, WA

I was lugging a 4x5 studio view camera along Long Beach the morning after a 3 day storm. Everything was banal in the wide world view so I decided to look at details. Coming across this I set up and was glad for the tilt function of the camera. This is about a 3/4 crop of the whole negative. I printed for a mid-tone slightly dark feel. It is one of my favorite images, even though it was taken 40 years ago. Quiet and elegant. Plus-X, N+1.

Specific Feedback Requested

Just looking for honest reactions. To a pre-digital image, where darkroom skills ruled, not digital dexterity. :^)

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
To quote Minor White, “The camera was used faithfully.”


Guy, first off, welcome to NPN. I know you will find this a fantastic place for you to contribute.

I think this is an incredible image. B&W is perfect. I can’t believe it was 40 years ago. Wow. I’d love to know what film you were using (oh, Plus-X), and what camera too. I can see how the tilt function made this image work so well. Full focus front to back.

The composition, the positioning of the plants/leaves, and the subtle shadows combine for perfection. The detail in the sand texture is also adds to the whole.

With such an impressive first post, I can’t wait to see more of you work.

BTW, I need to get up to Long Beach more. Maybe when I retire. :grinning:

Oh my! This is an expressive image if there ever was one. Excellent on the creativity level. You’re going to be a great addition here. Welcome.

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Grhen, I am totally enjoying this image and want to say Welcome to NPN. Excellent composition and wonderful image. I came from many years of film myself but mostly in 35mm.

A studio camera is a load to lug along! Welcome aboard. Really nice image. It is quite subjective but I would be inclined to bring in the white point a bit just to give a slight boost to the contrast. Otherwise, looks great.

I used to shoot 4x5. My B&W films were Acros and Delta 100. I liked the less grainy look of them compared to a Plus-X. It was fun to process my own.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work and reading your thoughts on that of others. Again, welcome aboard.

Hello Guy! Welcome to NPN!

This is an excellent first post. I can’t wait to see what you post next.

What a wonderful find, so well printed! The softly lighted undulations in the sand work so well with the curves and graduated tonalities in the leaves.

Welcome to NPN – I look forward to more of your work and comments.

Welcome to NPN Guy, this is an excellent first post. I look forward to seeing more of your work, you are off to a great start.

I like the stark and somber mood of this image. I don’t do much B&W work myself, but I like to see cool toned images like this, it takes the somber mood up an extra notch. The composition is very well done, I love how the stalks of grass radiate out to touch the surrounding mounds, it makes everything interconnected, and more cohesive.

Thanks to all for your welcomes and comments. I hope I can keep up with all of this, I have occasional connectivity and shaky hands.

[quote=“Harley_Goldman, post:5, topic:24078”]
…subjective but I would be inclined to bring in the white point a bit just to give a slight boost to the contrast. [/quote]
Harvey, I know it doesn’t appear so, but the white point on the shine on the forward grasses is at 90%. Taking it higher doesn’t suit my vision and makes the sand scream, but I can see how others may like it.

Welcome aboard Guy,

This is a very beautiful picture and a wonderful example of the benefits of lens movement in large format camera.
Very nice indeed.