Dusk in the Upper Missouri Breaks

After a day of paddling the Upper Missouri River Breaks under threatening skies, touches of sunlight showed through right at the end of the day. This is a 6 vertical shot pano from near the Hole-in-the-Wall campground. The only way to access this area is by boat (in our case three canoes). The pointy butte left of center is Citadel Rock, which is a Shonkinite (igneous) plug intruded into the surrounding sandstones about 66 million years ago.

Mark, the water is so calm I thought the site to be a lake instead of a river. The pano stitching came out wonderfully and shows excellent detail as a result. Your canoeing voyage provided a nice perspective from this POV and places the Citadel Rock in a perfect spot in the scene too. Obviously the threatening sky is a real plus to the finished image and I can only add that it must have been a neat trip to this locale.

The sky is really great with the dark moody clouds and the warm colours in the background. A very nice image!

A nice panorama with interesting sky being one of the main attractions, Mark! When viewed full screen, it really has presence (puts you right there at the scene). I’m really enjoying seeing all these panoramas at sizes that allow you to really appreciated the scenes!